Go Dutch!

by The Kelps

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Our two songs from a split we released with Honyock called 'Go Dutch!'
on a tiny label our two bands started called Broken Voice Club.


released February 1, 2014



all rights reserved


The Kelps Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Hello
You must be the devil that haunts my dreams.
Making everything not quite as it seems.
Take my limbs, take my eyes, just don't take my tongue.
There's no point in fighting, this battle's been won.

(chorus) But oh, how you've thrown it all away. How you've caved. How you've thrown our love away.

Everything you told me was a lie.
And I thought we were perfect, you and I.
Then you left my town with that blonde haired man.
Leaving me to lick my wounds the best I can. (And you know it aint easy).


You know I've been so lonely I could even die!
If I aint dead already, darling you know the reason WHY.


Don't hold my hand
I'm not that mad
Don't hold my hand
It's not so bad
Don't hold my hand
Ok I'm a little bit mad
But can you really blame me?
Don't hold my hand and try to say we'll laugh about this mess some day.
Track Name: The Waltz Song
I think about you often,
though mostly with your clothes off.
But I don't get that feeling,
that empty, guilty feeling,
and that's what scares me.

Heaven knows I try.
But hell decides how I'll spend my nights:
thinking of you, and all the things we used to do.
Obsessive's how I'm built.
Over run and overcome with guilt
of this affair. Hands in your hair, both hands in the air.

You know I was your father's favorite,
he once told me while he was innebriated
and he said he would have loved to call me son if we were married.

It is among my greatest regrets that I never waltzed with you.